Every year I make a list of predictions for the Oscars as well as a list of what I personally want to see. This year I thought I’d lay out my thought process a little bit for each category. I didn’t do the mathematical estimates this year, so all of this is coming from the gut.

We’ll start with the above-the-fold awards, then move on to the genre awards and then the technical awards. Sound good? Let’s go.

I already wrote plenty about the Best Picture nominees earlier this week, so I’ll only add that virtually every predictive precursor award…

I’ve heard from a lot of people that they just kind of… forgot about movies this past year. Without theaters to see them in, without box office numbers to create hits and misses and must-sees, it can be hard for any particular film to gain traction and capture attention. And despite the quality of last year’s releases, if they passed you by, this year’s Oscars ceremony might be a little inscrutable.

I’m here to help. The Best Picture slate this year is, if you ask me, pretty close to excellent. I would describe each movie as “good” at minimum. No…

Earlier this year I decided not to make this list.

The theaters shut down, the Oscars expanded their eligibility window, and I came to the conclusion that I would not be able to watch enough 2020 releases to warrant a list. Instead I’d write a “top films of the 2010s” list, and catching up on those could be my quarantine project.

I still think that’s a good idea, and if I hadn’t lost my whole summer to a depressive episode it probably would have happened. Maybe the quarantine hit me harder than I expected.

Come October, every theatrical release was…

Movies. They just keep making them!

If this isn’t cinema then I don’t know what is! (The movie’s okay.)

According to my document, I watched 57 new 2019 releases this year, and I still feel like I missed so much. Unlike most years, and unlike my games list this year, I don’t feel particularly strongly about the order of much of this list, and it was a struggle to figure out what films make the cut for the 7–10 spaces. I resisted the urge to expand the list to 15 or 20.

So I should probably talk briefly about how I make the list. I don’t think it’s possible to individually rank movies…

I didn’t do a write-up of my favorite games of the year in 2018, not because I didn’t play good games that year but because none of them really excited me. With all due respect to Ping-GOTY-2018-2018 Unravel 2, it prooobably only topped that list because of my general apathy about games at the time. And because I hadn’t played Return of the Obra Dinn yet. Mostly the latter.

Congratulations to Ping’s Retroactive Best Game of 2018

This year I feel the complete opposite. In fact, I may be more enthusiastic about this list’s top 5 than about my entire Top 10 Films list so far. Games are…

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Half-ghost. Knows a lot about movies. Wishes you could get paid for that.

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